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This is a list of the workshop / facilitators lined up for Dance and Movement Camp 2016, this list is still a work in progress and possible to change.

Sam Viana - Sacred Clowning
Roisin Ni Gharbhaithh - Ceili
Tony Wrench  + Faith - Circle Dance.  
Dave Rock - Raw Genius
Fatima- Flamenco
Paul - Hat and Mask
Tembre de Carteret - Harmony Singing
Marion Cronin and Becky Riley- Creative Sound and Movement
Liz Gleeson - Open Floor
Anet Moore -   Feldenkrais
Joan Davis - Origins
Bella Hancock - Duende belly dance
Chrys Blanchard - Sasa  ,Gong bath , Sound Healing
Adrienne -  Open Dance
Clair Lalor- Yoga
Jenny Fahy - 5 Rhythms
Angie Pinson - Dances of Universal Peace
Rachel, Keran, Anet - Listening from the Heart
Greeny - Experiential Astrology
Bee - Kirtan
Kim   McCafferty -  African Dance
Con Horgan - Hosting song and story night
Brian McGinley /Donal Gannon - Co-operative games / Circus skills/ Laughter yoga  
Donal  Gannon  - N.V.C
Kiaran Ennis - morning meditation
Conor  Graham - yet to be confirmed
Saul  Mosbacher - wood carving
Sinead Harte - rhythm alchemy 

Dance and Movement Workshops


tribal belly danceDancing with Bella Hancock

1.     RIO FEMININA -  

- bringing  awareness to the link and  flow of energy between the Heart and the womb through Breath, movement, dance and Yoga, we can increase our passion for life, our innate sensuality, our creative juiciness.. In this workshop we will dance this Feminine river, and our deep sacred feminine, supported by archetypal imagery, healing practice of Yoga and tantra , sharing and love.  (women only)



 "Duende"  is the poetic magic that one feels when the artist is in flow, the moment of authentic presence  that gives us the 'goosebumps'! GYPSY Duende is about the transformation of suffering into joy- the transformation of emotion through the wild and free dance and music of the gypsy expression. 


Bellydance, or Oriental dance- rooted in the traditional Feminine dances of the middle east and North Africa..  This dance invokes sensuality, dignity, strength, fluidity and delicacy..  The movements are very natural, and can express lightness and elegance, or an earthy strength.. It is great fun, and yet can be very expressive.  We will be exploring this dance from the perspective of Danza Duende -  dancing the 'inner ' and 'outer ' dance, the Feminine energy  and the authentic expression of who we are, and what we are offering.

Bella Hancock is a Yoga teacher and Dancer, based in West Cork. She has been studying and teaching Bellydance, and the Folk dance styles of the Arabic world for 15 years.  Bella fuses Yoga, dance and energy work in a practice called Devi dance- She is a long term student and teacher of the project Danza Duende- an International network of artists and teachers, dedicated to 'dancing life" .  She has been teaching Yoga since 2002 in Ireland and abroad


5 Rhythms movement meditation practice with Jenny Fahy

Brief paragraph: Gabrielle Roth's 5Rhythms -Flowing Staccato Chaos Lyrical Stillness® - are states of Being, that we explore through this powerful and dynamic movement meditation practice. Sometimes you will dance alone, sometimes in partnership with another and overtimes as a tribe. Jenny has been dancing since 2000 and is a certified teacher, holding Waves classes and workshops since 2007. She holds a warm and fluid workshop space, where the dancers are free to explore their own movement within the 5Rhythms® Waves map. The live musicians who play for the workshops in Dance Camp support a very creative, fluid and spontaneous space and Jenny is at home in this teaching environment. Come join us at Dance Camp 2016!



Origins with Joan Davis 

Description....................This year we will be working with the different body systems and discovering how to move and express from them. The bones, joints, organs, muscles and fluids all have a mind of their own and love to have the freedom to express that mind in its own unique way. This leads to an understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body and the body through the mind The practice invites us to experience our bodies from within. As well as expression through movement our learning and experience of this we often  work  partners with the appropriate use of touch

About Joan Davis.................... Joan Davis has been exploring the nature of creativity particularly from a body based perspective for over 40 years. She pioneered contemporary dance in Ireland in the 70s & 80s and has experimented with collaborative art as a professional artist and therapist. She is committed to the spiritual approach of Advaita Vedanta.

circle dance Circle Dance with Tony Wrench and Faith

Circle Dancing draws from an ancient tradition. We dance simple dances from many folk cultures, including Greek, Romanian, Armenian, French and Russian. Some dances are energetic, some gentle. We teach each dance before dancing it. The chief aim is enjoyment, rather than technique, and the experience of moving together as a circle. The music will be live. Click here for a short video clip taken at Unicorn camps England with Tony joined by other musicians and singers. 



West African Dance with Kim Mc Cafferty







Sasa with Chrys Blanchard

Sasa is a highly energetic clapping and movement form, hilarious and challenging at the same time. Based on Polynesian clapping Sasa is great fun to watch as well as to participate in.


adrienneOpen Dance with Adrienne Brown

Little Dance, based on practices of contemporary dance techniques and improvisation, will work towards bodily integration by encompassing gentle stretch, strength and co-ordination exercises, and simple improvisations; addressing each person to their own body towards confidence and power. The aim would be to allow participants, through simple but fun movement games, to start to move freely, and to interact with each other.

Big Dance will be an open evening of personal dance, based on principles that allow people to access movement that is instinctive and authentic in its relationship to the body. It will take the form of a guided movement journey on a theme such as nature/the elements, chakras, or some other transformational material. The purpose would be to allow people to enter a deeper physical/emotional/spiritual connection with themselves through the body.

Adrienne Brown was born in Dublin, began her dance education with ballet classes and later at LONDON CONTEMPORARY DANCE SCHOOL where she studied for three years. She founded NEW BALANCE DANCE COMPANY in 1987, with which she danced and choreographed for extensively. From 1991 - 1998 she attended the MARTHA GRAHAM CENTER OF DANCE in New York. Adrienne is a founding member and current chair of Dance Ireland.

"Play is the new work" - with Brian

Laughter Yoga
Laughter Yoga reminds us that anyone can Laugh for No Reason, without relying on external stimulus or even a sense of humour. Laughter is invoked using games and exercises in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into hearty and contagious laughter.
Laughter truly is the best medicine and in the words of Victor Hugo: "Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face"

Circus Skills 
Ever dreamt of running away to join the circus? Well, now is your chance. We'll be teaching Ball and Club Juggling, Poi Swinging, Staff Spinning, Contact Juggling and/or Devil Sticks.

Group Games for (not so) Grown ups
"Man is most nearly himself when he achieves the seriousness of a child at play" - Heraclitus.
Playing together in a safe and open space gives us permission to reunite with our inner child, one of careless enjoyment and free spirit. Games of all shapes and sizes gathered from around the world specially to help grown ups grow down.

Feldenkrais MethodThe Feldenkrais Method with Anet Moore

A gentle, precise and graceful approach to movement and expression. This method addresses how we learn through movement giving us a direct experience of our own learning process.

Anet Moore is a qualified practitioner in the Feldenkrais method of Awareness through Movement. "a gifted and experienced facilitator" find feldenkrais method galway on facebook

Dances of Universal Peace with Angie Pinson 

From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story have brought people together, at times of seasonal ceremony and celebration, as part of everyday life and life passages, in daily renewal and meditation. D.U.P is part of this timeless tradition of Sacred Dance. 
The Dances use simple music, lyrics, and movements to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others. No musical or dance experience of any kind is required and everyone is welcomed to join in. Participation, not presentation, is the focus. The movements and songs include themes of peace (both inner and outer), healing (the Earth, individuals, and the global family), and the celebration of life's great mystery. Dancers focus on peace and harmony creating a sense of solidarity and community while celebrating the underlying unity of all the spiritual traditions of the Earth. 

Ceili with Roisin Ni Gharbhaith

Creative Sound and Movement with Marion Cronin and Becky Riley

Open Floor with Liz Gleeson

Human beings are born to move. With movement, we thrive - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Open Floor is a lively meditation practice that builds muscular and emotional intelligence. It is a dance floor discovery zone where we move and include: good days and tough ones, passion, hesitance, joy, sorrow, births, deaths and everything in between. There are no steps to learn and no way to do it wrong. Our teachers mix stirring music with clear guidance to inspire wild dances and tender ones, connections between dancers and solo time.


Flamenco is an artistic highly expressive dance form from Andalusia that carries the roots of the different cultures that lived there for many centuries: Gypsy, Christian, Muslim and Jewish. Flamenco dance contains many different elements:  foot and body percussion, clapping, and movements of the whole body from a place of grounded centredness and full body awareness. It allows our bodies to become a means of expression for all of our different emotions, strengthens the body, calms the mind and aligns body, mind and spirit.
Fatima Lucia was the first Flamenco dancer to teach in Ireland.  She started teaching in Galway in 1993, when she arrived from Cadiz, heartland of Flamenco, her home town in Andalusia. She has been teaching since in Dance Centres and Universities around Ireland, including the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. 
Fatima directs her own Flamenco Company, "Al-Andar", inviting artists from Spain since 2003, successfully touring Ireland in many occasions. Fatima also has a great interest  in Irish Traditional music and dance and has done choreographic "Flamenco/ Sean Nos" fusion work performing with Irish musicians such as Martin O'Connor, Arty Mc Glynn and Sean Keane.


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