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Family Resource

two pyramids kidChildren's Village

Here you will find the climbing frame and a welcoming selection of marquees and children friendly workshops, games and craft activities.

A Crèche space is provided for children under five and their parents or guardians. This is a pleasant small marquee in the children's village area with a wood stove that can be lit in damp weather. This is not staffed but is run by parents and volunteers on the camp, coordinated with help from Earthsong.

As a very wise woman once said ' Children are the heartbeat of Earthsong and if we can keep them happy the whole camp will be happy!'

This is the ethos with which we run the children's area. We see it as an opportunity for children to be creative in a non-classroom environment; weather permitting many of our workshops are held outdoors. Everyday we run a variety of activities and endeavour to facilitate something to suit each age group.

What's on offer - Previous Workshops

Felting, Wand Making, building Fairy Houses, Land Surfing, Sports, Games, Painting, Song Writing, Costume Making, Teddy Bears Picnic, Mask making, knitting, Jewellery making, Puppet making, Make your own Flag, Ceramics, Wrestling, Story telling, Drama, Drumming, Dancing, Learning about the Ecology of the Forest and Beautiful forest walks.

We see Earthsong as an opportunity to re-connect children to the earth, to awaken and nurture their sense of wonder and awe of nature. Most importantly we wish the experience to be liberating and fun and we hope the memories last a lifetime.

parachute runChildren are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.

"Earthsong 2010 was absolutely amazing, especially the big drum night, the ball, and favourite songs night. Earthsong has changed my life. I love it. It's the best time of the year." Coby


Teenagers from 15yrs up will have an option of camping in their own area. They will have experienced co-ordinators who will support them around being responsible for running and looking after their campsite and circle, and planning their program. They are invited to participate in all of the adult workshops and will also have separate workshops in the teen space.

Teenagers are encouraged to return to their parents/guardian circles for main meal times. Teenagers staying in the teen area will have to comply with camp guidelines; failure to do so will mean they have to return to their parents/guardian camp circle. No teenagers will be allowed on site without a parent or adult guardian who will be ultimately responsible for their behaviour. The minimum age for the adult guardian is 25.

Earthsong teenagers have been amongst the strongest advocates of the camp and have shared their skills and power with an evening of drumming, which is always one of the highlights of the camp.

Conflict Resolution

It is the general philosophy of Earthsong camps that tent circles are self-organising and try to manage their issues themselves as much as possible. However, if conflicts arise where circles require support, the core group will be offering group facilitation as needed.