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A new booking system !

Dear Earthsongers,

We are delighted to announce we will have a brand new, online booking system in place for Dance and Harvest camps 2016!

With the new system, you will be able to book you and your family's/dependents' tickets through a simple online form.

You will be able to pay for your ticket immediately using a credit/debit card, bank transfer, or post in a cheque within a few days.

Once your form has been manually checked, your payment will then be processed, and you will receive your tickets.

If you try to book once all the paid tickets have been sold, you will be given the option to go onto a waiting list for cancellations.

This waiting list will be done automatically and in order of when you tried to buy a ticket. you will be contacted immediately if there is a cancellation.

Workers tickets will also be administered through the new system.

Once a person has agreed to take on a working ticket with an area leader etc, they will be sent instructions for how to fill in their form etc online.

The booking system will go live on Feb 15th at 12pm.(tbc)

You will NOT be able to purchase tickets before that time, and we will no longer be sending out booking forms; all tickets will be processed through the online system.

People who have tickets to transfer from last year will be contacted in advance of this date with instructions for how to book their tickets for this year.

There will be support available over the phone as soon as the system goes live for any questions you have, and to offer any support for your booking.

We hope the new system will give make the booking much more straightforward for everyone.







Rachel Parry is taking a year off from the core-group and we are welcoming 

Helen Arthur as a new member.