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earthsong stone circle campsite in co clareEarthsong Stone Circle camp 2010-2013

This will be our third and final year of the Earthsong Stone Circle Camp, a truly unusual and pioneering event, creating a wonderful place for future gatherings, and the circle will possibly remain a sacred space for thousands of years.

Last year it was our hope to finish the circle and even though we were all excited and cracked on we found there was just too much to be done. However many were secretly pleased as this meant we could have another stone circle camp this year, as for many of us this is our favorite camp.

So this year 2013 we have still a good bit to do. We realized the initial estimate of 15 stones in the ring just didn't seem right as the ring began to take shape. So this year we will be dragging two more local stones across the hill and putting them up in the circle, and also standing the other three remaining stones in the circle.

If you are thinking of coming on the camp for the first time you will be very welcome.  There will be special introduction sessions for new people, and as it's really totally all about teamwork, not about physical strength, there will be lots of friendly help along the way.

Moving stone is a life changing experience in many ways.

Feed back from stone circle camp 2011;

circle builders kit

 ...I didn't know what to expect, I had really no idea what it was all about, but I just loved every minute of it....'

 '...such an amazing thing to create something with those huge stones that might be there for thousands of years...'

'Really so exciting seeing those big stones falling into place, and just a few of us with ropes and levers moving them so gracefully'  


Team Workstanding the giantess

It will not be necessary to be strong or skilled to be a part of the event. All that is needed is the willingness to be a member of a team and to work together to create a wonderful piece of land art, a new stone circle for Ireland. 

We will be exploring the use of pulleys and rope, wooden levers, log rollers and wedges. All these, simple lo tech but powerful tools that can help us tremendously when moving these giant stones.

To follow the journey 'like' the 'stone circle camp' page on Facebook.