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A 9 day retreat in a beautiful, secluded setting

Earthsong's Dance Camp is a 9 day retreat in a private, natural setting, working with beautiful music and teachings from around the world. It is space where we can explore our innate spirit of playful wildness and gentle sensitivity. In order to stay true to the intentions of the camp there are certain boundaries we put in place:

Earthsong is a retreat space;  this means that once camp starts on Saturday there are no more arrivals after that. We ask ticket-holders to commit to go on this 'journey' together by staying for the duration of the retreat. This means avoiding outside visits and departures before Sunday. This allows us to deepen our connection with the people around us and get the most out of the retreat. 

Creating a Safe Space; We have a strict no drugs, no alcohol and no late night noise policy. 

For more information on the ways in which we aim to create a safe space at Earthsong click HERE


As Earthsong has grown in popularity there has been a conscious decision not to let the size of the camp grow. We all agree that the size of the camp is just right; any larger and we would lose the sense of intimacy and safety. Yet in 2010 the camp sold all its tickets by late March, and so lots of people, sometimes whole families, were disappointed.

With this in mind, and in the true Earthsong spirit of adventure, we launched a new camp in 2011; a seed from Earthsong that has taken root. This new camp has all the much loved ingredients of Earthsong; lots of drum and voice, world culture and healing arts, but also much more space to develop the emerging dance and movement workshops and events.

Our vision is of a growing resource of power, grace and beauty, where we can create a nature reserve for humans. We invite you to take part, to bring your creativity and skills to help continue to create this new event for Ireland, an event that we hope to see blossom over the coming years.


To view an example of the Adult Program click HERE


On this camp we invite musicians to come and join in to create the music for the workshop leaders, be it Circle Dance, Flamenco, Zaar, Ceili Night, African Dance, 5 Rhythms. If you are a musician and would like to join the team do contact the bookings office. We have a  number of working tickets available for experienced musicians. Instruments to include, fiddle, rhythm guitar, double bass, bazouki, flute, whistle, and more.



“This year’s dance camp was absolutely amazing. Thanks again for all the hard work you put in to make it happen. It was wonderful to see the new improved cafe up and running and enjoyed the food there so much on most days. It looks so inviting and all the crew has put in amazing work.”

“I love Earthsong and appreciate the hard work, time, care, effort, passion, support and sensitivity that the core group, management team, area leaders, workshop leaders and all volunteers put into the running of this magical space.”

“I felt truly welcomed and at home, Earthsong was a place I felt I could be myself and feel relaxed accepted and loved. Most of all it offered the opportunity for me to have a great sense of human connection and connection with the land and nature. I can’t wait to return.”

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