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Workshops, Events and Resources for the Young People at Earthsong

As a very wise woman once said 'Young people are the heartbeat of Earthsong and if we can keep them happy the whole camp will be happy'
This is the ethos with which we run all of the young people’s areas at camp.

Over the years, five specific young person’s areas have developed at Earthsong camps. Each area is focused on a particular age group and has been developed in response to feedback offered by the young people as well as workshop leaders in each area. What became clear over time was the importance for young people to have a defined area where they could mix with people close to their own age and to have workshops focused on their identified needs and wishes at each stage of development. We choose leaders that are experienced working with the age group and try to offer workshops that will stimulate, excite and most importantly support the children and young people in building friendships.

The Children's Area consists of a number of marquees as well as an outside play area with a climbing frame and other curious bits and pieces for children to explore. Children aged 5-9 are welcome to attend workshops here throughout the day and enjoy music, craft, forest adventures and even a Teddy bear’s picnic from time to time.


The children’s area offers children an opportunity to be playful and creative in a non-classroom environment; we use natural materials and resources where possible and weather permitting many of our workshops are held outdoors. Every day we run a variety of activities and endeavor to facilitate something to suit each age group.

CHILDREN'S AREA: 5 - 9 years old
KINDERSPACE: 1 - 5 year olds

The 'Kinderspace' is a place for children under five to come and play with toys, read a book, make castles in the sand or have a nap on the soft cushions.

Earthsong workers and volunteers from the camp are present in the Kinderspace during each workshop slot allowing parents with young children to attend a workshop, have a chai in the cafe or go for a walk in the woodlands. Parents are also welcome to spend some time in the Kinderspace with their children and enjoy the materials and toys we have in there. 

We welcome all campers to visit the Kinderspace and spend time with some of the wisest people on the field

Children's Area
INBETWEENERS: 10 - 12 year olds

In between being a child and a teenager can be a curious and overlooked time - at Earthsong we recognise these transitional years and now have two distinct areas for older children and younger teens. The Inbetweeners area is one of these and offers workshops and activities to young people aged 10-12. The Inbetweeners have their own designated venue or may also be found in their forest base camp. In between the fun and adventures the inbetweeners have a daily programme of workshops including Bushcraft, forest skills, Drama, Art & Crafts, music and lifestories.

YOUNG TEENS: 13 - 15 year olds

In the past number of years we have recognised the diverse needs of teenagers at camp and that the perspectives and needs of those in early teenage years are quite different from older teens. As a result, an area specifically for young teens, aged 12-15 evolved. A designated yurt was built as home for the young teen programme where young teens may be found engaging in drama, music, art & craft and games among other things. At times you may also find them in the forest learning about bushcraft or building shelters.

Young Teens
TEENAGERS: 16 - 18 year olds

The Teenage Area

The Teenage Area at Earthsong is a space for teenagers to hang out. They are provided with a venue and a central fire. 


Starting in 2019, teenagers (16 - 18) are no longer be able to camp separately in the Teen Area and instead will be asked to camp in circles with their parents/camp guardians. This decision has been made in response to recent changes in child protection laws as well as to people’s ongoing feedback. We believe that the well-being of the young people attending the camps can be best safeguarded if they are camping with their parents/camp guardians. There will continue to be a full program of workshops for the teens as well as a their own space with a fire, a shelter and their own venue for workshops. We have no doubt that we will benefit as a Camp from seeing a little more of our wonderful teens.


Teen Workshops

Workshops are held in the teen venue and members of the teen team visit them regularly. Parents are invited to do the same. Teenagers are also invited to participate in the adult programme unless stated otherwise.


Freedom and Safety

For many teenagers Earthsong is an experience of great freedom and with this freedom comes responsibility. The intention of the Earthsong teen team is to create a space for teenagers to be heard and celebrated in a safe environment. This safety is held by the teen team, teenagers and their parents/guardians within the wider network.


Parents/Guardians of Teens

No teenagers will be allowed on site without a parent or adult guardian who will be ultimately responsible for their behaviour. The minimum age for the adult guardian is 25.


What Earthsong expects from Teenagers

  • To comply with the Earthsong ethos regarding, curfew, drugs, alcohol, and mobile phones. This includes not leaving the field unless necessary as Earthsong is a retreat space

  • To communicate with parents/guardians daily and to participate in the responsibilities of their "home" circle and the camp (Meithal, cooking...etc)

  • To communicate with the teen team regarding their needs and wishes for a safe and nourishing experience at Earthsong

  • To treat themselves and others with respect and love

  • To camp in the same circle as their parents or camp guardian

  • To be their wonderful selves!

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