Earthsong Site Crew

Earthsong is unique in the way in which the event is set up. We don't hire professionals but erect all of the venues ourselves. Over a number of years all of the profits from the camps have gone towards buying a number of large venues. This means we now don't have to rely on other larger companies in order to set our camp up. 



In order to attend Site Crew you must be:

> Over 18 years of age OR 16 years of age and have an adult (over 25) who will act as a guardian for you.

> In reasonable good shape. While the work doesn't involve a large amount of heavy lifting there is a lot of physical activity involved.

** There are no children allowed on site during construction **


While working on Site Crew you will be provided with 3 meals a day. There will always be vegetarian, vegan, wheat, dairy and gluten free options on request. 

To Bring

You will need to have your own camping gear (tent, bedding) food utensils, work clothes etc. Earthsong does not provide food for Site Crew during camp so you will need to organise this before the camp starts. There will be a shop on site once the camp begins and there is a small town nearby to pick up any extra supplies. 

For a detailed list of things to bring click HERE


Friday (2nd July) - Saturday (10th July)

We run a 'Seed Camp' before the first camp; Dance, Drum and Movement camp starts in Tipperary. This is a week long event in which venues are erected, showers are built, signs are painted, forest walks are cleared and the site is made completely ready for the camps that follow. 

We ask that people arrive on Friday so they can get their tent set up and are ready to start work on Saturday morning. 

1 Free Ticket

Working for the duration of Seed Camp entitles you to 1 free ticket to either Dance Camp OR Harvest Camp


Monday (5th July) - Saturday (10th July)

We also have the option of attending a 'Half Seed Camp' for those that are unable to attend the full week. This camp starts on Tuesday and people are asked to arrive on Monday evening to get themselves set up. 

1 Half Concession Ticket 

Working for the duration of the Half Seed Camp entitles you to a half a ticket to either Dance Camp OR Harvest Camp. You will need to pay for the other half of the ticket if this is the only work you do. 


Sunday (15th August) - Wed (18th August)

At the end of Harvest Camp all of the venues have to be taken down and put back into storage for the following year.

Pull down starts on the Sunday at the end of Harvest Camp. It usually lasts until Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the weather

1 Half Concession Ticket 

Working for the duration of Pull down entitles you to a half a ticket to either Dance Camp OR Harvest Camp. You will need to pay for the other half of the ticket if this is the only work you do. 


Friday (2nd July) -  Wed (18th August)

If you're looking to attend both camps and want to work for your tickets there are a limited number of places available to get involved with all of the Site crew work. This includes:

- Seed Camp

- Gap Camp

- Work during the camps

- Pull Down

1 Ticket to Each Camp

Working for all of Site crew intitles you to 1 free ticket to each camp (Harvest Camp AND Dance Camp)