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What you need to know


The Earthsong Cafe runs for both Dance and Harvest Camp. The staff consists of wonderful willing workers from the camp. They open after morning meeting from 11 ish till 4.30 serving their hearty STEWP packed with local organic veg miso and grain. Also available daily are their egg specials, french toast, crispy fried polenta, vegetable sushi and lots of home made goodies and a few homemade naughties!!!

They will be open on the evenings that events are run in the cafe selling their rich sumptuous hot chocolate, soya chai and goodies

If you will be celebrating a birthday during the camp and would like a special cake made to celebrate the occasion please contact Deb beforehand on 087 2385776 and she will arrange it for you.


The shop is a wonderful resource situated right at the entrance of the site.  While from the outside it appears as though just a small white tent you will be amazed at how much you will find inside. It has a whole array of fruits and vegetables, all local and organic when possible. It also stocks rice, pasta, lentils, and a mass of beans, nuts, seeds, herbs and the odd spice, plus local stone ground breads every morning from the baker down the road, fresh Organic milk, unpasteurised yoghurts and cheeses and eggs. 

There is a town 3 miles away, but do come prepared, and try to avoid having to leave the camp to shop, because you won't want to!


Early on in camp there will be a camp market where we can buy and sell craft items, second hand clothes and books, musical instruments, camp equipment, snacks and much more besides. Be sure to bring items to sell, this is a popular event for all.

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